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About dermal filling injections

Dermal fillers instantly give you a more youthful and defined mouth shape. For some people, gently enhancing the upper lip may also soften the side profile of the face and reduce the impact of dominant features.

The most common areas for dermal filler are the lips, forehead and around the eyes. However, you can also use them on areas such as the nose and around the mouth if they were areas you would like to enhance.

How does the process work?

The filler process is quick, and requires either a fine needle injection or blunt ended cannula into the chosen area. No more weeks of recovery or having extended periods off from work- dermal fillers are fast, easy and efficient. Certain procedures may require a local anaesthetic.

We offer personal and private one to ones with one of our trained professionals, to assess and discuss what treatments would be best suited to your needs. Our consultations are entirely confidential, and we will not discuss or release any of your information after your visit.

What types of fillers are used?

At Oh My Smile, our skilled clinicians only use the most advanced fillers available, as our customers’ safety and well-being are our number one priority. We always make sure to follow your true face patterns to ensure a natural-looking and discreet result.

Lip enhancement is the most common area for dermal fillers as the mouth area is often the first area to show early signs of ageing, with fine lines and loss of both volume and shape as we age.

How long do lip fillers last?

Each case is different, but filling can last anywhere in between 3-18 months. It depends on how your body responds to the injection.

Our clinicians are well trained in getting the facial balance right, and we would always err on the side of adding a little less filler initially and reviewing the results with you after 10 days or so, then adding slightly more if necessary, giving you the best result, which usually lasts at least 9 months.

Lip fillers may also be used to add support and definition to the cheeks restoring the soft curves of our younger years. Unnaturally smooth skin can be a side effect of face fillers and our clinicians know how much filler is just enough for a natural and attractive result.

We will always follow your natural facial contours and consider your preferences which is why a consultation and full assessment is the first step towards exploring anti-ageing treatments here.

Here to help – Experienced Stockport Dermal Filling Experts

We know that the idea of any dermal filler treatment can be daunting. That is why we offer personalised and confidential consultations to help you feel at ease about having any treatment done. All our professionals are highly experienced in carrying out dermal filler procedures to ensure that you get the best treatment possible. We spare no expense when it comes to safety, so you can be sure you are in good hands.

If you’re ready to explore how skin and lip fillers could work for you, get in touch or book online with our Cheadle based team.