Every member of our experienced, dedicated team is passionate in helping our patients have the best possible experience when they visit our Cheadle practice, and ensuring everyone can have confidence in their smile.

Therefore clinicians will always make sure you have had sufficient time to discuss your treatment plan which may include more complex restorations such as inlays, crowns and bridges to protect your smile.

An onlay is similar to a dental filling, but is used to mend the chewing surface of a large back tooth, where there is decay in the centre and on one or more of the tooth cusps (the raised areas of the tooth). This allows the restoration of the tooth function, strength and shape so you can enjoy all your favourite foods once more.

Dental crowns are custom made for each individual, and can be described as a cap that fits securely over a tooth that has needed significant repair, for example following a root canal treatment. The crown helps restore the appearance and strength of the tooth, allowing you to eat, talk and smile with confidence.

If you have experienced tooth loss, we understand that it can be a stressful, worrying time. In addition to dental implants, dental bridges are a ‘fixed’ way to replace a gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth. A custom-made bridge is an artificial tooth or teeth which is secured in place by being attached to one/two crowns, that fit snugly over the teeth next to the gap.

Crowns and bridges rely on the underlying tooth structure being strong enough to support them, so  this may mean they are not a suitable option for every patient.  As with every area of dental care we offer, our clinicians will carry out a detailed assessment of your teeth before discussing the options in detail and answering your questions.  We believe this is the only way you can make an informed decision – one that is right for you.

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