Did you know that even the most effective teeth cleaning routine at home is unlikely to reach all areas of the mouth, teeth and gums?

This means that plaque and tarter can start to build up, which could lead to tooth decay and gum disease. The best way to avoid problems in the future is to ensure you book regular dental hygiene appointments.

Our friendly, experienced Dental Hygienist, Rebecca will be able to carry out a professional scale and polish, tackling those hard to reach areas so you can have complete confidence that alongside regular brushing at home, you could have a healthy mouth and beautiful smile for years to come.

In addition to carrying out deep cleans, the hygienist will also take the time to listen to any worries or concerns that you have, and give you individual advice about the best way to care for your teeth, mouth and gums at home. This could involve better brushing techniques, how to use special ‘interdental’ brushes, dietary advice and how to choose the most suitable toothpaste.

Get in touch to find out more about dental hygiene at our Cheadle dental practice, or book online.