From taking the time to speak to our patients, we know that they find it reassuring to be able to access more advanced dental care at a relaxed, friendly practice they are familiar with, delivered by an experienced, dedicated team they can trust.

If you need to have a root canal treatment at our Cheadle dental practice, you can have complete confidence that you are in the very best hands.

A root canal treatment is carried out when there is an infection in the centre of a tooth. If a tooth is damaged as the result of decay, a loose filling or damage from a knock or fall, bacteria in the mouth can enter the tooth.

The soft tissue at the centre of the tooth is called the pulp, and when this is damaged by a bacterial infection it needs to be treated to prevent further problems.

Your experienced dentist will use an x-ray to determine if a root canal is required, if you’re experiencing pain, inflammation or discolouration of the tooth. During treatment, the root canal system will be thoroughly cleaned out, to remove the infection, and then filled and sealed with a filling or a crown.

You will be given a local anaesthetic so you should feel minimal discomfort, and we will take the time to explain every step and answer your questions before we begin. If you have any concerns about a tooth, or you’re experiencing pain, our gentle, considerate team are here to help.

Speak to the team to find out more, or book online.